Welcome and Register Now to Join the Australian Boater Panel

Thank you for visiting this web site. This site enables you to register online to join the panel of Australian recreational boaters and to participate in the Australian Boaters Surveys. Once you register, you will be informed by email with details about participating in the surveys. By joining the panel of participating boaters, you will be asked to record information about your most recent boating activity on a monthly basis for 12 months. Information will be gathered, for example: about the origin and destinations of boating trips; where boats are stored; and trip spending data. Modules may be added for a particular month to investigate a special interest topic.

Benefits of Joining the Panel

You will be an important participant on the national boating panel that will contribute much needed information about boating activity. From analysis of the information, industry will be better informed to support and advocate for better boating services and facilities. Government will be in a better position to understand boater needs and therefore more effectively meet them.

Incentives for Being a Registered Panel Member

Boaters who complete the boater panel registration will have the chance to win one of a variety of different incentives directly related to boating. For example, Club Marine will provide one lucky panel member with free boat insurance for 12 months. Many more prizes and incentives will be announced as they are added.

Who Is Conducting this Survey?

The survey project is being led by the Boating Industries Alliance Australia (BIAA) which represents over 1,500 marine businesses across Australia. The Marina Industries Association (MIA) is also a partner in the project. The Recreational Marine Research Center (RMRC) in the USA is providing the technical expertise for the project. The project is supported by many government agencies who all acknowledge the need for better data on recreational boating to assist in making more informed decisions.

Participant Confidentiality Is Guaranteed

Only grouped or aggregated data will be released as findings from this research project. The RMRC has a long history of conducting boat user research and they adhere to the highest ethical standards in managing individual’s survey data.
More details of the boater surveys will be regularly added to this web site. Alternatively you may direct enquires to Nik Parker at nikparker@biaa.com.au

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